Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation

As more and more trees and forests are imprudently being cleared away each day to give way to the mushrooming of industries, housing colonies and multiplexes, the issue of ecological imbalance is becoming a cause for concern. However, Tata Sponge’s mass afforestation programme has by far outweighed the reduction of forest cover in the area owned by it.

Annual Plantation

When Tata Sponge took over the land from its original owners, a major portion of it was barren. The Company began planting trees annually and has since planted more than 150,000 trees turning the area lush green. After the initial ‘green belt’ with fast growing species like acacia, bakain, chakindi, etc. the plantation work was changed to fruit bearing plants and hard wood trees like sandalwood, rosewood, mahogany, teak & bamboo.

Then & Now : A visual representation of environment upgradation

to see a photo album that projects a visual contrast of the “then & now” actual
photographs taken 20 years ago with those taken very recently, attesting to the fact that an industrial plant dusty raw materials can orchestrate in complete harmony with Nature.

Verdant Cover

At Tata Sponge Works, environmental consciousness is all pervasive. A number of lawns, gardens and parks add beauty to the otherwise stark factory surroundings.

With an aim to bring a balance to the eco-system and to expand verdant cover, much of the areas within the plant have been covered with lush green lawns and flower gardens. These not only develop the soil quality but also help in recharging the ground water. More than 2500 sq. meter area inside the plant have been covered with picturesque gardens and parks.

Securing nature’s balance

With a view to maintaining the balance of nature, the company distributes free sand, soil and manure to residents of the area. It has also opened a nursery, which provides seedlings to employees at subsidised rates. Besides, to foster a green culture in the township, Vidya Shakti Niyas organises annual garden competitions in which all township residents are encouraged to participate through attractive prizes.


Tata Sponge has been awarded the prestigious ISO-14001 certification for its conscientious initiative to foster a green culture in the society and move towards environmental protection. Tata Sponge became the first sponge iron company in India to achieve the distinction of receiving ISO-14001 certification. Besides, Tata Sponge has also been recognised by non-governmental institutions of repute in India for its excellence in environmental standards, the details of which can be found under the Awards section.