Scope and purpose of this Code

Scope and purpose of this Code

B. scope and purpose of this Code

  1. This Code sets out how we behave with:
  • our employees, or those who work with us;
  • our customers;
  • the communities and the environment
    in which we operate;
  • our value-chain partners, including
    suppliers and service providers,
    distributors, sales representatives,
    contractors, channel partners,
    consultants, intermediaries and agents;
  • our joint-venture partners or other
    business associates;
  • our financial stakeholders;
  • the governments of the countries in
    which we operate; and

2. In this Code, “we or us” means our company,
our executive directors, officers, employees
and those who work with us, as the context
may require.

3.  The term “our group companies” in this Code
typically means companies Tata Sons intends
for this Code to apply to, and / or to whom
Tata Sons has issued this Code.

4. This Code sets out our expectations of all
those who work with us. We also expect those
who deal with us to be aware that this Code
underpins everything we do, and in order to
work with us they need to act in a manner
consistent with it.


It is our commitment to protect our reputation and our brand equity by adhering to the values and principles set out in this Code. By doing so, we strengthen our unique culture and identity.