Our Value-Chain partners

Our Value-Chain partners

If we had done some of the things that some other groups
have done, we would have been twice as big as we are today.
But we didn’t, and I would not have it any other way.

J.R.D. Tata
Chairman, Tata Sons (1938 – 1991)
(on the pace of expansion of the Tata group in the 1960s and 70s)

G. Our Value-Chain partners

  • We shall select our suppliers and service providers fairly and transparently.
  • We seek to work with suppliers and service providers who can demonstrate that they share similar values. We expect them to adopt ethical standards comparable to our own.
  • Our suppliers and service providers shall represent our company only with duly authorised written permission from our company. They are expected to abide by the Code in their interactions with, and on behalf of us, including respecting the confidentiality of information shared with them.
  • We shall ensure that any gifts or hospitality received from, or given to, our suppliers or service providers comply with our company’s gifts and hospitality policy.
  • We respect our obligations on the use of third party intellectual property and data.

You are responsible for maintaining our company’s customer database. One of your friends is starting a business venture and requests you to share a few particulars from this database for marketing purposes of his business. He assures you that he would keep the data  as well as his source confidential. Should you do so?

No. You should respect the confidentiality of customer information and not share any part of the database with any person without due authorisation.

You have access to revenue numbers of different business units of our company. While having a conversation with you over evening drinks, your friend enquires about the financial performance of our company. You do not share detailed information with your friend, but share approximate revenue figures. Is this conduct of yours correct?

No, it is not. You are not permitted to share financial information of our company with others who  do not need to know this information. Financial information should always be safeguarded and disclosed only on a need-to-know basis after obtaining requisite approvals. Sharing of any price sensitive information that is not generally available with the public could also lead to violation of
applicable insider trading laws.


Our value-chain partners would include our suppliers and service providers, distributors, sales representatives, contractors, hannel partners, consultants, intermediaries and agents; joint-venture partners and other business associates.