Our Customers

Our Customers

We have continued to enjoy prosperity, even with adverse times to fight against. Our relations with all concerned are the most friendly. We have maintained the same character for straight-forward dealing with our constituents and customers. Our productions have continued to be of the same high quality, and therefore command the best reputation and realise the highest prices. … I mention these facts only to point out that with honest and straightforward business principles, close and careful attention to details, and the ability to take advantage of favourable opportunities and circumstances, there is a scope for success.

Jamsetji Tata
Founder of the Tata group
Chairman, Tata Sons (1868 – 1904)

E. OUR Customers

Products and services

  • We are committed to supplying products and services of world-class quality that meet all applicable standards.
  • The products and services we offer shall comply with applicable laws, including product packaging, labelling and after-sales service obligations.
  • We shall market our products and services on their own merits and not make unfair or misleading statements about the products and services of our competitors.

Export controls and trade sanctions

  • We shall comply with all relevant export controls or trade sanctions in the course  of our business.

Fair competition

  • We support the development and operation of competitive open markets and the liberalisation of trade and investment in each country and market in which we operate.
  • We shall not enter into any activity constituting anti-competitive behaviour such as abuse of market dominance, collusion, participation in cartels or inappropriate exchange of information with competitors.
  • We collect competitive information only in the normal course of business and obtain the same through legally permitted sources and means.

Dealings with customers

  • Our dealings with our customers shall be professional, fair and transparent.
  • We respect our customers’ right to privacy in relation to their personal data. We shall safeguard our customers’ personal data, in accordance with applicable law.

You are the Regional Sales Manager of our company. You have become a member of an “informal group”, on an instant messaging service, whose members are the regional sales heads of our company’s competitors. The administrator of the group has requested an in-person meeting to informally discuss market conditions and brainstorm on “pricing strategy” from an industry perspective. What should you do?

Any meeting with competitors, especially to discuss “pricing strategy”, could be an attempt to promote an anti-competitive practice or manipulate prices. You should respond by declining this invitation and exiting the “informal group”. You should also report this incident to your supervisor and your Legal department.

You are attending a customer meeting with a colleague, and your colleague makes an untruthful statement about the company’s services. What should you do?

You should assist your colleague in correcting the inaccuracy during the meeting if possible. If this is not possible, raise the issue with your colleague after the meeting to enable him/her or the company to correct any misrepresentation made to the customer.

While working on a customer project, you receive a call from your colleague. He used to manage that customer account before you took over his role. He recalls that he had worked with the customer on developing a new ordering system which he thinks would be beneficial for another customer and requests you to send him the project details. What should you do?

You must not share this information without specific approval of the customer; you are not permitted to use a customer’s assets, including software, for another customer or for any personal use.


Striving for excellence in the standards of our work and in the quality of our goods and services is a core Tata value. It is the unwavering practice of this value that builds and sustains customer trust in our brand.