Business, as I have seen it, places one great demand on you; it needs you to impose a framework of ethics, values, fairness and objectivity on yourself at all times. It is not easy to do this; you cannot impose it on yourself forcibly because it has to become an integral part of you.

Ratan Tata
Chairman, Tata Sons (1991 – 2012)

I. Governments

Political non-alignment

  • We shall act in accordance with the constitution and governance systems of the countries in which we operate. We do not seek to influence the outcome of public elections, nor to undermine or alter any system of government. We do not support any specific political party or candidate for
    political office. Our conduct must preclude any activity that could be interpreted as mutual dependence/favour with any political body or person, and we do not offer or give any company funds or property or other resources as donations to any specific political party, candidate or campaign. Any financial contributions considered by our Board of Directors in order to strengthen democratic forces through a clean electoral process shall be extended only through the Progressive Electoral Trust in India, or by a similar transparent, duly-authorised, nondiscriminatory and non-discretionary vehicle outside India.

Government engagement

  • We engage with the government and regulators in a constructive manner in order to promote good governance. We conduct our interactions with them in a manner consistent with our Code.
  • We do not impede, obstruct or improperly influence the conclusions of, or affect the integrity or availability of data or documents for any government review or investigation.