Tata Sponge Recognitions


‘To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.’ – Doug Conant


Lakshya Awards for select individuals who have showcased exemplary contribution in company's journey of excellence.


Adarsh Award is a monthly recognition to employees displaying commendable job at workplace.

Feel Good

FeelGood exhibit is an annual event to showcase employee performance
during the year.

Reward & Recognition at Tata Sponge

Since inception, Tata Sponge has taken pride in its human resource. The inherent culture of reward and recognition in the company has helped nurture a dedicated & engaged workforce, which through its immense contribution, has helped the company excel in several spheres, in taking long strides toward improved organizational performance. Several innovative HR initiatives undertaken by management has inspired the employee to crave for excellence at workplace. At Tata Sponge, Reward and Recognition is an ongoing, perennial process which has, over the years, evolved into highly rewarding and mutually productive process both for the individual and the organization. At the end of the day, a satisfied and motivated employee is the most precious asset for the organization.