Transforming Towards Sustainable Growth

The company’s commitment to leadership in sustainability is anchored firmly in the ethos & values of the Tata Group which have been revitalized with a concerted focus through responsible operations by integrating Mother Earth’s care in our operations, ensuring the health and safety of people at our workplaces, balancing economic prosperity, and generating social benefits for the community. Our sustainability approach is articulated in our Sustainability Policy which is supported by other policies such as CSR Policy, Environment, Energy, Climate Change, Biodiversity Management, Affirmative Action, Social Accountability, Responsible Supply Chain, Human Resource policies, etc. These policies reinforce integrated thinking and balance the impact and outcome of the business operations. We have systems in place to capture the voice of stakeholders periodically and review our long-term strategy in line with evolving stakeholder expectations. We have adopted the materiality assessment as a process to capture stakeholders’ voices and embed these material issues in our strategic planning process. The sustainability agenda is driven by the CSR and SHE Committees of the Board with an organisation-wide governance structure around it. At the Corporate level, various committees, including Apex Committees for Safety, Environment, HRM, CSR, Quality and Production periodically assess the progress on relevant sustainability issues and keep the Board apprised.

We adopted a two-pronged approach to realise our sustainability target of 2030. First, with strategic intervention to adopt benchmark technology for all our facilities to reduce carbon footprint. Second, by cultural changes among all our stakeholders to embrace circularity concept i.e. ‘closing the loop’ by focusing on full life cycle resource productivity. This approach not only considers the emissions associated with the manufacture of steel products, but also the reduction in energy consumption associated with this. The reduction in intake of rich carbon content material such as various coal, coke, other fuel (LDO, HSD etc) is prioritised and implementation of various energy conservation measures are undertaken.

We have Invested in various pollution control devices such as de-dusting systems, mobile industrial vacuum cleaners, and Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP), among others. A full-fledged Environment Management department comprising a multi-disciplinary team of environmental professionals are engaged to track and improve the plant’s environmental performance. We are reducing our waste generation and maximisation its utilisation pattern.

We have a robust water management system that helps us control our specific water consumption by continuously evaluating our water intake and discharge. An effluent treatment plant (7,200M3/day) has been established that helps to treat the polluted effluent from the plant. The treated effluent from ETP is 100% utilised back in the plant for shell cooling, slag cooling, horticulture, haul road dust suppression, and so on. Besides, considering the importance of the natural resource water, systems are established for its collection and reuse thereby achieving ‘Zero Effluent Discharge’.

Our vision of achieving CSR Leadership has led to the adoption of a five-pronged approach to address the immediate needs of the community. We practiced sustainable interventions in the areas of education, essential services, livelihood, health and sanitation, and youth engagement.
In addition, we are also promoting a volunteering culture amongst employees through various campaign-based initiatives. Many of our employees have been volunteering regularly for various social causes. A number of endeavours from the company helped the surrounding community around our locations find succour & support during the COVID pandemic, including coordination with the government for faster vaccination.

The sustainability goal for our company is manifest – we resolve to become the most sustainable steel company across the globe and achieve long term growth by focusing on innovation while operating with integrity and transparency