Improved Operations for Customer Delight

Successful operation of any process plant primarily depends on the reliability of the production facilities/equipment to achieve the planned operational performance level.

Obsolete/ageing equipment, inadequate resources (Spares, consumables, manpower) and maintenance practices posed a threat to the equipment reliability, which had a been a cause of worry earlier, leading to lower production and higher cost on unplanned interruptions at the steel plant.

Right from its takeover of the steel plant, the company has made significant expenditure (both revenue and capex) to improve spares availability and sustenance of the old equipment, including the capacity & capability building of manpower.

We are implementing advance maintenance practices to enhance plant availability and build reliability. In this light, TSLP is re-establishing the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) principles in the Gamharia plant with the re-launch of Jishu-hozen model. Data analytics are being rigorously used and monitoring of key Early Warning Indicators have been put in place.

Several initiatives such as implementation of Digital preventive and Structural Integration Inspection with automated alerts are undertaken to improve operations. With the implementation of “Digital Twin”, we have activated industry 4.0 concept in DRI industry. On the operational front, the project is expected to result in higher production, increased campaign life, reduced specific coal consumption, and optimize power generation, besides other advantages. Similarly, the project will also cover maintenance area to reduce breakdowns and manage inventory. Besides, it will help seamless real time data flow and reduction in manual activities. User-friendly dashboards will keep everyone updated and help all, from shop floor technician to top management to take data backed decision. Through Digital Twin, we are all set to achieve another milestone in our journey of innovation

A focused drive towards indigenisation of materials is helping to build self-reliance especially in spares and consumables