Top-notch credentials, cutting-edge capabilities, an unwavering commitment to quality & environment and high ethical standards — these are the key characteristics that have enabled Tata Sponge to create a niche among DRI units in India.

Tata Sponge Iron Limited (Tata Sponge) has emerged as one of India’s largest merchant sponge iron manufacturers. The company is engaged in the production of sponge iron by direct reduction method of iron ore and power generation from waste heat.

The Company commenced its journey as IPITATA Sponge Iron Limited in 1982. It was a joint venture between Tata Steel Limited and the Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Orissa Limited (IPICOL) for the production of sponge iron, based on the TISCO Direct Reduction (TDR) technology.

Later, in 1991, Tata Steel acquired IPICOL’s entire stake and Tata Sponge became an associate company of Tata Steel. We are now a subsidiary of Tata Steel, wherein Tata Steel holds 54.5% shareholding.

Company produces and markets sponge iron, which is a single end use (steel making) and a single grade product. Moreover, company also exports its surplus power (by-product) from our two power plants to our parent company through Waste Heat Recovery Boilers (WHRB), enabling the company to help reduce carbon emissions and earn carbon credits and effectively participate in the global movement against climate change.

Manufacturing Capacity

Sponge Iron

Rotary Kilns I, II & III : 3,90,000 MT / annum*

*In May 2017, the Company has received an approval from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India, for enhancement of DRI production by 35,000 MT (i.e. from 3,90,000 MTPA to 4,25,000 MTPA) in the existing facility.

Power Generation
Power Plant I: 7.5 MW
Power Plant II: 18.5 MW
Total Power generation: 26 MW

Strategic Location

Tata Sponge is located in Bileipada near Joda in the Keonjhar district of Odisha. The plant is situated near one of India’s richest iron ore reserves. Transportation of raw materials and product dispatch is organised by the road and railway networks. The place is well connected with cities like Jamshedpur (150 km), Rourkela (150 km), Bhubaneswar (270 km), Kolkata (390 km) and other industrial hubs of eastern India.

Awards and Accolades

  • Tata Sponge received CMO Asia’s 8th Best CSR Practices Award in 2018
  • Conferred with CII SHE Excellence Award in 2018
  • Won CCQC 2018 Gold Awards for Quality in 2018
  • Won 1st Prize in CII Workskills Competition in 2018
  • Won the BE Star Award in 2017 from CII & Institute of Quality

Core Strengths

  1. Raw material (Iron Ore) security and its Proximity
  2. Consistent product quality
  3. Enriched customer relationship management practices
  4. Reliable manufacturing workflow with online information system and data backup
  5. Infrastructural facilities to support manufacturing and delivery of finished products
  6. Fair, transparent and ethical business practices
  7. Efficient environment and waste management systems
  8. Competent, motivated and engaged workforce, resulting in lower attrition
  9. Cogeneration of power for own use and sale
  10. Deep community relationships