Pollution Control

Pollution Control

Tata Sponge’s approach towards the preservation of ecosystem has been meticulous, systematic and uncompromising. Today, it is one of the cleanest and best-managed coal based sponge iron plants in the country.The Company has gone beyond statutory norms in setting a yardstick for the coal based DR industry for the installation & maintenance of environmental protection equipments.

Tata Sponge has invested in various pollution control devices and practices to surpass the governmental norms and remain well within the limits stipulated by pollution control authorities.  Some unique and proactive measures taken by the Company are as follows:

Pollution Control Equipments

Investing in pollution control equipments has been an integral part of the Company ever since its evolution in 1986. Installation of various facilities in the production and other areas has helped in meeting with environmental norms, some of which are:

  • Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) that cleans the process gas of its kilns in a dry state, thus dispensing with the use of water and consequent process of sludge generation, waste water recovery & cake disposal.  
  • De-dusting systems – state of the art systems that arrest the menace of fugitive dust during plant operations.
  • Dust Suppression System – A pollution control system that has been developed in-house and commissioned in the raw material preparation plant. This sprays chemicals on the raw materials circuits to prevent the finer sized coal & iron ore from flying.
  • Telescopic unloading spouts have been fitted at the pneumatic gates of product bunkers to arrest sponge iron dust from fleeting away while they are loaded on the truck. This has proven to be very effective in reducing the air pollution in the finished product building area.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaning van – Tata Sponge is the first sponge iron company to have hired the services of a mobile vacuum cleaning van which operates two shifts a day to clean the fugitive dust settling inside the plant roads. The company incurs an annual expenditure of Rs.60 lakhs behind this facility to provide a dust free working atmosphere for its employees.

A full-fledged pollution control department operates daily to ensure regular compliance to pollution control norms, take periodic readings at different locations in the plant, ensure continuous and efficient operation of various pollution control equipments and liaise with government authorities on various environmental issues.

The department is equipped with advanced pollution monitoring equipment viz. high volume samplers, stack monitoring kit, sound level meters, etc.  Over and above the expenses incurred by the department, the company spends an annual expenditure of approximately Rs.5 crores towards the operation and maintenance of various equipments installed in the Works and on other measures for effective conservation of environment.