Customer Support

Customer Support

At Tata Steel LP, commitment towards our valued customers is our first priority. The company is well equipped with a full fledged team of marketing personnel with offices in Jamshedpur, Kolkata and agents in Patna, Assam & other locations, who are adequately supported by the technical team from the plant. This team of marketing professionals also aids company’s export activities.

Support Services

Apart from its ability to supply the most consistent quality sponge iron in the industry, Tata Steel LP also extends many other useful services to its customers like:

  • Technical assistance to help with any operating problems at customers’ plants.
  • Assistance in ways and means to increase the consumption of sponge iron in the furnaces to optimise steel output.
  • Solutions to overcome operational or technical problems occurring during operations at the customers’ end.

Key Access Mechanisms

Tata Steel LP has designed various key access mechanisms for its customers, based on their stated and implied needs. While regular interaction with customers at various levels provides personalised access, secondary access mechanisms include various approaches too. The key customer contact needs are ascertained at the:

  • Information gathering & awareness stage.
  • Transaction stage.
  • Supply stage.
  • After sales stage.

Contact Mechanisms

The process also includes assessing the effectiveness of contact mechanisms and initiation of corrective actions as per feedback received from customers. Some of the processes undertaken to keep in touch with our valued customers are as follows:

  • Customer meetings conducted at corporate level.
  • MD’s visits to customers’ plants.
  • Invitation to customers for visiting Tata Steel lP works.
  • Regular contacts by the marketing personnel including the Chief Marketing Manager.

Apart from this, two annual customer satisfaction surveys are conducted by the company, which is used for performance appraisal review. One of these involves the services of an external agency.

For any further queries related to our products & services please contact our Marketing office on these numbers :


91 657 6515477 / 91 657 2226860


91 657 2231400

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