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Towards a Stronger Future

Tata Steel Long Products Limited (TSLP), formerly known as Tata Sponge Iron Limited, is in the business of manufacturing high alloy steel, primarily for the auto sector and wire rope industry. With one million tonne capacity, it is one of the largest speciality steel plants in India in the long product segment. The steel plant uses high-quality iron ore from its captive mine enabling it to achieve high consistency in its product quality. The steel plant set up at Jamshedpur is the first steel plant in India to use Hot Metal in Electric Arc Furnace that has become an industry-wide practice now. Besides, the company also manufactures and markets sponge iron for use by the secondary steel sector and has a total capacity of 0.90 million tonnes – production units are located in Jamshedpur and Joda. The company also generates power from the latent heat generated inside its furnaces, which is primarily used for captive consumption.

To cater to the Steel Plant and DRI plants, the company has captive iron ore mines. The iron ore is used to make hot metal from Blast Furnace through Sinter, and sponge iron through pellets & sized iron ore in DRI kilns.

At TSLP, we offer a wide range of high-end steel products for segments like forgings, bearings, fasteners and free-cutting, and cater to automotive, construction and infrastructure, general engineering, railways and agriculture.

Institutions of national and international repute have time and again recognised our Company in its journey towards excellence, with numerous awards in the field of Productivity, Operation Excellence, Safety, Environment Management, HR Excellence, Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility.

Joda, Odisha
Ranchi and Hazaribagh
Vijay II, Barajamda

Corporate Office

Kolkata 11th floor, Tata Centre
43, Chowringhee Road
Kolkata – 700 071. India.

Steel & DRI Manufacturing

Jamshedpur Tata Steel Long Products Limited,
At/PO Gamharia, Seraikela Kharsawan,
Jamshedpur - 832108

Registered Office & DRI Plants

Joda, Odisha P.O. Joda, Dist. Keonjhar
Orissa - 758034, India

Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Marketing Offices & Warehouses

Ranchi and Hazaribagh Vijay-II, Tata Steel Long Products Limited,
Ghatkuri, At/PO Barajamda,
Jharkhand – 833221

Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Marketing Offices & Warehouses


Iron ore mine & Mining Operation

Vijay II, Barajamda

Production Units

  • Iron ore mine

    Iron ore
  • 1.2 Million Tonne Per Annum pellet plant

  • 80 m2 sinter plant

  • 0.4 Million Tonne Per Annum coke plant

  • 1 Million Tonne Per Annum DRI plant (5 kilns at
    Gamharia and 3 kilns at Joda)

    Sponge iron
  • 0.65 Million Tonne Per Annum Blast Furnace
    (280 m3 and 380 m3)

    Hot metal
  • 1 Million Tonne Per Annum steel (EAF + LF + VD + CCM)*
    EAF size: 40T (2) and 70T (1)
    Number of facilities: 5 LF, 2 VD and
    4 Casters

    Crude steel
  • 0.36 Million Tonne Per Annum Wire rod mill

    Wire rod
  • 0.1 Million Tonne Per Annum Bar mill
    0.24 Million Tonne Per Annum Bloom mill

    Special bar quality steel
  • 0.24 Million Tonne Per Annum Bloom mill

    Bloom mill

Power plant

160 MW

Own Railway Siding

3 tracks capable of handling
150+ rakes

Oxygen Plant

3 plants with total capacity of
345 TPD

Lime Kiln Plant

3 kilns with total capacity of
200 TPD