Community Development

Community Development

Tata Sponge’s corporate philosophy governing public responsibilities and social obligations pursues the vision and foresight of Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata, the legendary founder of Tata group. He advocated the growth of various communities in the vicinity, along with the employees. Tata Sponge accepts its responsibility to make numerous endeavours of goodwill and welfare for the less privileged, to enable their growth through self-empowerment. This is a constant pursuit in line with the Mission set by the Company, which, amongst other things, states:

“Consistent with Tata Group purpose, Tata Sponge shall endeavor to return to society, from what it earns, to improve the quality of life in India and its immediate surroundings”.


Tata Sponge helps to propagate knowledge at the grass root level and the ageing illiterate population of the surrounding villages through its non-formal education programme. The company also undertakes repair work in various primary schools in its immediate surroundings. It has also constructed many classrooms and provides regular financial assistance for furniture and libraries of schools. It also delivers educational supplies like science apparatus, computer and sports kit to the schools of the area.


Tata Sponge organises weekly health camps in its nearby villages with the help of its medical team comprising a professional doctor and paramedical staffs. Preliminary check-ups are conducted and medicines distributed free of cost. The company also undertakes various medicare camps for family planning, cancer detection, eye care, blood donation, etc. The dispensary located in Tata Sponge township has been officially declared by the Government Health authorities as a TB detection centre under the “Revive National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)”

Drinking Water

Tata Sponge has adopted a two-fold strategy to tackle the shortage of water in its vicinity. Deep-water tube wells have been installed in the villages and training given to residents for its maintenance to ensure perennial availability of potable water. More than 58 tube wells, 31 ring wells and 12 bore wells have been dug so far in 38 villages in Tata Sponge’s vicinity.

Scope of Employment

The company has provided both direct and indirect employment opportunities to residents of the nearby areas. As a responsible corporate entity, Tata Sponge has offered jobs to one individual from each family whose land it had acquired for construction of its plant, township and railway siding. The mutually agreed land price has also been paid to them.

Taking this drive forward, locals have been offered many unskilled jobs as well. They have also been given preference for

engaging in other semi-skilled and unskilled employment opportunities. As per the statistics, more than 80% of the unionised jobs have been provided to them.

Over 500 contract labourers earn their wages through temporary jobs at Tata Sponge. The Bilaipada market region has witnessed rapid growth due to investment made by the Company. Currently there are 150 shops that cater to the basic needs of people living within 5 kms of the plant, and do brisk business on a daily basis. From a mere 16 shops back in 1986, the market has undergone a radical development, which justifies the positive role of Tata Sponge Limited in developing the region.

The various petty operational and maintenance requirements of the company have been outsourced to agencies, which have come up in the vicinity. They are primarily dependent on Tata Sponge for their business growth as many local youths earn their living through the company.

The company has constructed an overbridge on river Sona that meanders along in the region. This has helped residents of six major villages to commute better. These endeavours, and many more, put in so far by the company underscore Tata Sponge’s intrinsic urge for social growth and reaffirm its commitment for an inclusive growth of people living in harsh surroundings.