Building Hopes, Bringing Smiles

We generate wealth for the people.  What comes from the people must, to the extent possible, therefore get back to the people.

Bharat Ratna JRD Tata

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at TSLP derives inspiration from the company’s CSR vision to touch the lives of the community in our operating locations, through participative and sustainable interventions. The company has always been conscious of its responsibilities towards the surrounding community which it has demonstrated through several programs & projects over the years, with an objective to build an inclusive & harmonious neighbourhood. Over the past two decades, the company has been successful in implementing several CSR programs, which have not only impacted the lives of people in its surroundings but also earned recognitions from various institutions of repute, which included recognition from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs during 2019, for its Swabhiman project.

The strategic enablers to the fulfilment of our CSR strategic interventions have been divided into 5 primary heads as shown here.

The company’s CSR agenda is also aligned with the framework on Affirmative Action (AA) prepared by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Tata Affirmative Action Program (TAAP) which is driven by Tata Business Excellence Group. This framework focuses on employment, employability, entrepreneurship, education and essential amenities and attempts to address the prevailing social inequities in India by encouraging positive discrimination for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) communities.

TSLP has also initiated programs to develop two signature projects on a long-term basis, to create a lasting impact among the beneficiaries, while strengthening relationship with the community. To begin with, the focus is primarily on women from the society, with focus on people from ST/SC community. The objective is to create a marked difference in the lives of beneficiaries, where the benefit is sustained and will serve as a distinct example for others to emulate. Besides, this will also encourage others from the communities to come forward with fulfillment of their interests in similar programs. One of these projects is “Super 30” in which 30 poor but meritorious girls from the operating locations of the company will be screened and all support will be provided for them to realise their dream to make it big in their lives. The other project is “Mushroom Plantation” which aims at creating a large-scale livelihood opportunity that will provide a consistent source of high income to poorer section of people, specially the women self help groups.

Employee Volunteerism has always been at the core of Tata Group’s operating principles. With every passing year, it has grown stronger and better in popularity and reach. Tata Engage, the volunteering arm of the Tata Sustainability Group (TSG) has been facilitating Tata employees, their families and Tata retirees to volunteer time, effort and skills towards social causes. The response of our employees and their family members has been extremely encouraging over the years, as the number of lives touched has consistently increased. Beyond the numbers, it is establishing our company as a cohesive team that cares for society.

Through our current and future business priorities, we affirm to continue our ceaseless strive in promoting & implementing collaborative CSR ideas, in association with our beneficiary groups and in the process, establish an inclusive & harmonious periphery.