Bringing Change with Volunteering


Employers have an opportunity to build on their volunteerism programs by creating a culture that celebrates volunteering and empowers volunteers to be more active. A new study finds that creating a culture that encourages volunteering can help employers boost employee morale, workplace atmosphere and brand perception.

At the Tata group, we believe that our legacy of ‘giving back’ can best be practised by rolling up our sleeves and shoulder the change that we envision about this world. Volunteering is one of the key mechanisms that we have chosen to channelise the time & energy of our most valuable assets, our people, towards societal good. Over and above directing professional expertise and rich experience towards pressing environmental and social issues, volunteering has also contributed in enhancing social coherency and supporting communities.

Volunteering has been popularized across the TATA Group through a special drive called Tata Volunteering Week, under its Tata Engage platform, which is a monthly event organised twice a year, where the Tata colleagues, their family members and retired Tata employees are encouraged to associate and engage with various societal causes and create a positive impact on the lives of many. TVW encourages employees to volunteer along with their family members, thus not taking away precious family time, but providing an opportunity of a shared experience. It all started as a weeklong experience but as the popularity started growing, it gradually turned into a month long event.

Volunteering initiatives encompass a wide variety of activities, such as energy-conservation drives, blood donation, medical camps, road-safety campaigns, river bank cleaning, visits to orphanages and old-age homes, feeding the poor, taking care of stray animals, career-counselling sessions for youth.

Carrying forward the Tata spirit of employee volunteerism, TSLP has always been an integral part of the TVW in March and September, with great enthusiasm, where our employees and their ward come together to volunteer and spread cheer. All initiatives are planned diligently which includes discussions with employees, taking tips & advice from senior management, making a month long plan, sending out flyers and other encouraging communiques, to bring about a significant change in the lives of our communities.

As a mark of recognition, TSLP volunteers have been appreciated with “Volunteering Champion” awards. The company also was recognised for “highest participation” in medium category of Tata Companies. A summary of the volunteering activities held during 2021 is given below :

TVW – Performance on key parameters
No. of Programme No. of Volunteers No. of lives touched Hours
1192 2093 28038 7374


Some of the photographs of volunteering activities at our locations – Gamharia, Joda & Vijay-II are shared hereunder.