A culture of Recognition

A culture of Recognition

To motivate the officers towards sustained improvement in performance, build up officer morale and encourage teamwork & innovation in the company, the Company has many formal and informal Reward & Recognition schemes. Reward and Recognition is an integral part of Tata Sponge’s Employee Engagement initiative MILAN.

While the reward is sometimes formal such as the Annual Performance Management Process, there are various events held throughout the year to recognize an employee’s contribution in various manners. Recognition categories range from long service award to punctuality awards.

Recognition ceremonies are observed during Republic Day, Independence Day, Utkal Diwas, Foundation Day etc. Recognitions are also done through mailers, Tata Sponge website, hand written notes, Wall of Appreciation and so on.

At Tata Sponge an Annual Reward & Recognition event is organised known as Sparkle Knight. Apart from this there is Adarsh Award for Associates.

The initiatives that are covered under the R&R Scheme are Suggestion Box scheme, Kaizens at individual level, JH Circles, Halla Bol Zones, Star Performer (Halla Bol circle) and Kobetsu Kaizen groups.

Gradually the scope has been enhanced and with time other stakeholders have also been included beyond employees such as community, customer, suppliers, service providers and contract employees.